Sancaklı ®

One word connects 7 continents and billions of people. Knows one language; but can speak with anyone. Has no boundaries nor borders. All things to all people yet only some could find. Easy to say, hard to surrender. Stronger than diamond, fragile as crystal. Makes you eat your words and still starve for some more. Comes in different forms and ways but always with the same intention. Elder as the mankind, youthful as a teenager. Always been there, always will be.


The reason we have started, the purpose we are aiming. In our first chair, now in this latest collection. We wanted to share our love for our profession. Let the beauty we love, be what we do.

We believe we are young enough to feel confident about our appearance and what others think about it; set our own rules, play with colors and shapes as we want; enjoy ourselves and live for the moment. We love who we are, what we have achieved so far. We savored every moment of our recreation. The only thing what matters from now on is to share love through our newest creation. We will keep doing what we do the best, creating and sharing.