This year's gathering will be held in Paris from March 24-28, 2022, with the topic of 'New Luxury.' The exhibition’s goal is to bring people together around the exploration of many aspects of this theme, with exhibitors from 14 different sectors representing a wide range of styles and products in the fields of decoration, design, and lifestyle. This new luxury trend is intertwined with technology in a composite approach. With various interdisciplinary studies, designers give the material a new flavor; silk fabrics are blended with copper and led threads. These products, which are only made in small quantities, are becoming harder to obtain and they thrive on street culture, which is influenced by a generation that grew up on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


Fragrances, one of the most important elements of the sensory strategy, have taken their place among the 2022 decoration trends. Scent Scaping, also known as scent design, is the practice of using scents in spaces to evoke certain emotions and create a different ambiance. By filling each room with a specific scent depending on the purpose of the room, you can trigger your mind and body to feel a certain way.

Refreshing and stimulating scents help you feel more determined and energetic in your office. Use lemongrass, coffee, rosemary or bergamot scents on your table and let the fresh scents motivate you. Before you start exercising, or to spend a vigorous day in your living room, you can prefer energizing, sweet scents with citrus notes such as sweet orange, pomegranate and lemon. Unlike your workspace, your bedroom or bathroom needs a scent to help you relax and shut down at the end of the day. Try using floral notes like lavender, jasmine or nutmeg in your bathroom or bedroom to unwind and relax. If you are not keen on floral aromas, you can try using deep, smoky oud, sandalwood or pine notes as an alternative.


A return to essence has occurred and continues to do so as a result of our pandemic instinct, which has turned our living spaces into shelters. It's time to go back to the comforting and familiar colors of nature. Pantone's Color of the Year for 2022 inspires us to be more creative whilst calming us down. We get a sense of renewal and a creative spark from 'Very Peri’. With a careless confidence and courageous curiosity, this resurrection promotes our adaptation to changing possibilities. Very Peri has been chosen as the hue for this entire transition and change process, accompanying us through life. It reflects shifting notions, routines, and standards; as well as our physical and digital lives.


Jotun puts a nice emphasis on the color palettes that are among the 2022 trends; incorporating the vibrant hues of turquoise, cheerful yellows, natural greens and various lavender tones with the theme of “PLAYFUL” of the Together collection. Inspired by the color of the year, Very Peri, it invites us to create relaxing yet energetic and lively spaces by blending the dynamism of purples and sun yellow with earth tones and the calmness of nature.


Farrow and Ball chose five colors for the color trends for 2022. These hues will make your living spaces feel comfortable and unique.

The first color, Babouche No. 233, is a yellow-toned color that has grown more harmonious than the lively and energetic yellow we know. It enters your life with a sunrise-like impact when combined with the second trendy color, School House White. This color can be described as a white glow from the past. It adds warmth and spaciousness to the room.

Breakfast Room Green No. 81, the third color choice, draws inspiration from nature and adds charm to your room. Stone Blue, which obviously shows up better on wooden surfaces, has a retro feel that provides an intimate ambiance. The last color, Incarnadine No. 248, shines through like a flower among all of these colors. You can feel at ease when these five shades are combined.